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3 Steps to Cultivating Your High Potential Employees

3 Steps to Cultivating Your High Potential Employees


It’s estimated that over $300 billion is lost each year to unproductive employees, which is a staggering number to hear when one has been focused solely on their own business. If you think unproductive employees or staff members not living up to their full potential is something you can afford to ignore, take a look at the numbers and think again.

There has been a lot of focus in recent years about investing in human capital, since employees are the most valuable assets in a company, so how can you turn an unproductive employee into a productive one?

Give them autonomy. So many people mistakenly believe that the key to having productive employees is to monitor their every move. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, when you give team members the power to go about solving problems and accomplishing work in their own way, you’ll not only get more productive employees, but also creative solutions to problems.

Challenge them. There’s nothing less motivating than doing work that is below your mental capacity. Of course, everyone has tasks they hate doing, but when all tasks are mundane, employees sink into a rut. Pull them out of that by giving them new and exciting challenges that force them to learn and grow in order to complete the task.

Listen to them. Many times employees get the feeling that no one listens to them, so no one is paying attention. If no one is paying attention, then what’s the point of doing good work? Take the time to listen to and act upon suggestions made by employees and watch how quickly productivity picks up.

Ultimately, employee productivity comes down to happiness and engagement, so find other exciting ways that you can challenge your staff to keep them productive.


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