Benefits of Indian Gaming & Economic Growth for Tribes

Benefits of Indian gaming on economic growth for tribes are a commonly heard positive aspect to opening a casino or gaming floor. The full impact of Indian gaming on economic growth for tribes is outstanding and far reaching. Tribes are increasingly noticing the benefits of Indian gaming as more and more casinos and gaming facilities are opened.

Indian tribes are focused on community. The economic growth that Indian gaming provides is a much needed supplement to supporting their community. Health care is one aspect that is helped. More facilities can be built as well as strengthening current facilities.

The actual numbers for gaming and economic growth are huge. One academic study showed the growth to be 35 percent as opposed to 14 percent growth on a reservation without gambling.

The daily lives of tribe members are changed by introduction of Indian gaming and casinos. More members have been found to move back to their reservations; especially young adults. This strengthens families and their own economic growth.

Employment is also on the increase in tribes who use Indian gaming. The overall rate for adult employment in tribes increased by over 25 percent. The amount of working poor also decreased by about 14 percent. Indian gaming has a huge part in this. The casinos can directly hire people. However, they also make the area more of an attraction for tourists. This increases business in the whole area which makes even more job opportunities.

The above study on employment also shows that the quality of healthcare is likely improving. The mortality rates for tribes at or near casinos has declined.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about the benefits that tribes can encounter from introducing Indian gaming. Whether it is through employment or healthcare there is sure to be a positive change in the tribe.