Why You Should Know More About the Benefits of Hiring Mystery Shoppers for Your Casino

Can the benefits of hiring mystery shoppers for your casino make a difference in your business? We think so, and we really can’t understate the importance of knowing more.

Staff Members Aren’t Clueless.

Directly observing your casino staff in action is all well and good–even essential to proper supervision. However, employees are not stupid. They are not likely to shirk when they know that the boss is watching. If you believe staff members do not know where the cameras are, think again. Whether or not they are performing well for you, it is only wise to give them some credit for intelligence.

Leaving Feedback Isn’t a Goal for Casino Patrons.

No one goes to a casino to offer tips and suggestions to management. They come to your casino to have a good time. Begging these patrons for customer feedback or survey answers won’t work with most of them. Why? Because nowadays it is impossible to buy so much as a gallon of milk without being pestered about filling out a survey. Most of your patrons are jaded and overtaxed with feedback requests for just about every transaction in their ordinary lives. Therefore, casual patrons are downright stingy with their impressions–unless they are unhappy.

Professional Mystery Shoppers Tell You What You Need to Know.

Therein lies the reason why mystery shoppers provide an elegant solution. Real human beings enter your establishment and experience what it is like to be a casino guest. They offer clear-eyed impressions about the service, the games, the food and the entertainment. Mystery shoppers have no connection with the staff nor with the management. They are just like any other person who comes in to enjoy the facilities. As such, their impressions are what matters. From their impressions, your casino can become even better.

News stories lavish all sorts of attention on ‘big data’. Regardless, the basic feedback that real, live humans offer cannot be replaced. Algorithms of binary code are no match for a mystery shopper’s impressions and emotional responses to your casino.

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