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The Difference Between Customer Service & Hospitality: Knowing the Difference in the Casino Industry

The Difference Between Customer Service & Hospitality: Knowing the Difference in the Casino Industry


Do you really know the difference between customer service & hospitality when it comes to the casino industry? That correlation between customer service and hospitality is frequently asked in various industries, and it can sometimes lead to confusion. In the world of the casino industry, though, a clearer differentiation is emerging. And while one side is necessary in order to establish customer relations, the other is done by sheer will in order to establish a much closer relationship between the casino and loyal customers.

The Role of Customer Service

For any business to succeed, setting some level of customer service is going to be customary in order to sustain business. Most definitions of customer service have it placed as doing what you promise in advertising. In the casino industry, living up to promises in advertising is the only way to assure that people will come back to visit you again. When anyone visits a casino, most people expect they’ll have attentive waiters and staff in the gambling rooms who will give service without attitude.

However, there’s a wide leap between just giving service and doing extra things that don’t fall within what everyone expects. It might be satisfying enough for most people to get basic, courteous service. Yet, what happens when a staff member does or says something unexpected that helps the customer feel more welcome to feel like they’re visiting family or friends?

The Role of Hospitality in Casinos

Some define hospitality as making customers feel good. This includes staff who take the time out to chat with customers, bring something extra, or just work extra hard to bring a feel-good vibe to the surroundings. It can also come through the entertainers you see in casinos who might bring some unexpected twists to their performances by walking up to people at the table and having fun interactions with the entire audience.

Even those in the gambling rooms can be trained to bring some hospitality, even if there’s a stigma of them being stoic and businesslike. In wait staff, it’s all the more essential to bring a sense of hospitality through conversation or perhaps a free gift, which can ultimately increase staff tips.

All of the above can integrate into something outstanding that nurtures the new trend of companies connecting more personally with customers. When a casino can do this without being so businesslike, those who visit will remember the casino and want to return again and again as if visiting close friends. Thanks to the staff taking on the role of hospitality, returning customers will also appreciate seeing those employees again. This isn’t to say that if you have frequent turnover, hospitality shouldn’t also be taught on a regular basis.

To find out more about how your casino can help define customer service from hospitality, contact us here at PeopleChamps. The casino industry may be changing to bring a more personal edge as customers continue to assimilate companies into their lives as part of a way to bring escapist fun.