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The Future of Surveillance – Todays Tech & What Can We Expect In The Future

The Future of Surveillance – Todays Tech & What Can We Expect In The Future


With the way technology advances in today’s world, it is hard to imagine that the surveillance industry could possibly become any better equipped than it is right now. Yet due to terrorism and other serious situations taking place all over the world, there has never been more of a demand for newer, better and more effective surveillance equipment. Therefore, this article which we call the Future of Surveillance – Todays Tech & What Can We Expect In The Future, is more important now then probably at any other time in our history.

In the 21st century with the advances in electronic and computer technology, casinos around the country and around the world have attempted to keep up with those advances wherever and whenever possible. This blog will look at some of the newer features offered in today’s surveillance systems, and what criteria casinos should use to determine which type of system or systems are a good match for their needs. Naturally the primary responsibility of any casino surveillance department is the protection of company assets along with the safety and security of both it’s employees and customers alike. Unfortunately given today’s economic conditions and the increase in competition, casinos just like any other business endeavors have to consider costs in determining any capital expenditures. However, it should be noted that the vast majority of new surveillance systems available today can be integrated with a company’s existing hardware components.(analog came ras, digital cameras, etc.)

Some of the systems sporting the latest in technology include Honeywell, Bosch, Pelco, American Dynamics, and North American Video just to name a few. These systems average in price from a few hundred thousand to over a million dollars depending on the features desired and the number of cameras and type of cameras to be installed in addition to the equipment on hand. Installation of the equipment varies by vendor and is predicated on the amount of hours it will take to install and set up the system selected. Some of the more sophisticated systems sport the latest in facial recognition software, 360 degree viewing, infrared and motion detection software. The newest of these systems are computer based using Network Video Recorders(NVRs) and Internet Protocol Cameras(IPs), with the information transmitted via a router over the internet to computer system. Cameras can be controlled by the simple click of a mouse rather than through the use of a switching board.

In the case of both DVR and NVR based systems Cat 5 or 6 wiring is used, as opposed to Analog which uses coaxial cabling. Therefore that too should be taken into account when choosing a system if you intend to integrate systems and are looking to keep costs down. Believe it or not there are still casinos that are using Video Cassette Recorders(VCRs) to record video, however most have gone to DVR systems, and upgrading to an NVR system makes the most sense in terms of expenses. The advantages to using DVR and NVR systems is that they offer some of the best resolution and playback available, and also copy video at a faster rate, and allow for more accurate time management when seeking a specific incident to review.  These systems also can offer a computer based file for storing reviewed video in addition to burning DVDs or CDs which makes for easier and less cumbersome storage and control of evidence.


As video technology advances in the 21st century, it behooves casinos and other gaming establishments to keep up with the technology to keep costs down and become more efficient. Of course costs are big factor, however, it should not be the only factor in the decision making process. A casino or any gaming establishment should also take into account what they expect from their video surveillance system in terms of efficiency and effectiveness in helping to protect their assets, as well as preventing or deterring any criminal activity before it becomes an issue. Additionally, a property’s liability in terms of guest or employee accidents or injuries should also be taken into account.   For more information regarding the systems available, or the newest features of any of the systems discussed above, contact us.